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PRIVATE WINE EVENTS - Bespoke Wine Tastings

A personalised wine tasting event at home or in a special venue is a sophisticated yet entertaining way to discover an exciting variety of quality wines of the world. We tailor the wine selection to your particular interests, preferences and budget. Possible wine themes include:

  • New / unfamiliar regions or grape varieties
  • Wines for specific foods or dishes
  • Memorable or favourite wines or regions

At the event Fitting Wines plays the role of personal sommelier, introducing the wines to your guests and even organising entertaining wine-related games, if desired.

It can make a great social event and is ideal for celebrating special occasions with friends and family or inviting others who share a love of wine. Everyone enjoys a memorable and fun wine experience while learning more about the world of wine.

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  • Personalised selection of intriguing and often surprising wines according to your choice of theme and / or menu
  • Your very own sommelier to orchestrate and lead the event
  • All necessary tasting materials such as wine glasses are provided
  • Opportunity for extra fun with wine-related games and rewards
  • Option for guests to order any of the wines for home delivery

How the service works

You brief Fitting Wines on your requirements, preferably with two months’ notice. We will prepare a proposal at no cost and without obligation . As soon as you give your agreement to proceed we secure the venue (if the event is not in your home) and make contact with third party suppliers such as traiteurs (if necessary) and photographers (if required). We select the agreed number of wines according to your chosen theme. The event itself is directed by personal wine consultant, Simon Hardy who introduces all the wines, either all at the start or at intervals throughout the event.

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