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What is the advantage of getting some of my wine from Fitting Wines?

We are a new kind of wine business that aims to give you a truly personalised wine experience by putting your individual tastes, preferences and needs first and sharing our passion for and knowledge of wine in every way possible with you.

How do I know that Fitting Wines has the necessary expertise in wines and spirits?

The founder of Fitting Wines, Simon Hardy, has been awarded the Diploma in Wines & Spirits, the flagship qualification of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London (UK). The Diploma course develops wines & spirits knowledge and tasting skills to a specialist level and is fully recognised by the wines and spirits industry. He is also an Associate Member of the Institute of Wines & Spirits in London, which is dedicated to high quality education and training in all aspects of wines and spirits.

Does Fitting Wines specialise in the wines of Switzerland or any other country / region?

We have access to the widest selection of wines of the world and do not specialize in any particular countries or regions. Also, we have no ties to specific producers or suppliers and no bias towards Swiss wines. We pride ourselves on providing totally independent advice and objective recommendations.

What's the difference between the Fitting Wines Personal Wine Consultant and the staff you can find in certain stores?

Fitting Wines is a dedicated premium service. Our aim is to find the perfect wines for you and we go to great lengths to do so. In-store staff do not have a comprehensive understanding of your wine and food tastes and preferences as they have no detailed Personal Taste Profile™ for you. Therefore their knowledge of what is best for you is limited when recommending wines and, furthermore, the recommendations they can make are limited to the wines that they stock.

What does Fitting Wines offer that is better than the specialist wine boutiques?

Most of the better independent wine boutiques specialise in a particular region or country of wine origin e.g. France or Spain or the New World. Therefore their choice is limited by definition. Fitting Wines is able to choose specific wines from any of these specialist wine boutiques (and more) and provide an even wider selection than any single store could manage.

Why does Fitting Wines sell spirits?

In the world of alcoholic drinks spirits are typically sold alongside wines. Some spirits are in fact made from grapes, like brandies such as Cognac. Fitting Wines is able to access an exceptional range of premium and luxury spirits that are not so easily found in Swiss stores. Our handpicked selection of top quality spirits is available only via our Online Shop.

What is the Personal Taste Profile?

It is a fascinating insight into what you like in wine and food and is exclusive to Fitting Wines. The profile is unique to each private client and the key to the Personal Wine Service by Fitting Wines, as it forms the basis on which we select the wines for each individual client. It is also a useful reference document that can be used whenever choosing or buying wine.

What do I have to do to receive my Personal Taste Profile™?

Simply contact Fitting Wines to arrange a one-hour consultation, which we offer completely free of charge AND without obligation. The consultation can take place anywhere that suits you at any time.

Does anybody else provide a Personal Taste Profile™ or anything like it?

No. While there are other businesses elsewhere in the world of wine that offer personalized services, Fitting Wines is the only one that provides a solution as rich and detailed as the Personal Taste Profile™. The consultation and profile approach is truly innovative and exclusive to Fitting Wines.

How much does a Personal Taste Profile™ by Fitting Wines cost?

If you decide not to subscribe to The Personal Wine Service by Fitting Wines there is no charge for the profile. If you decide to subscribe to The Personal Wine Service, we charge a modest one-off amount (currently CHF 150).

Is the Personal Taste Profile™ available in languages other than English?

Yes. Fitting Wines is also ready to write the profile in French if you prefer.

Is The Personal Wine Service by Fitting Wines a "club"?

No. Wine Clubs usually buy and recommend exclusive wines to their members but they have a limited range, select the same wines for every member and do not set out to recommend what's "right for you". Fitting Wines sources best-in-class wines of the world and compiles a unique selection of wines for each client according to their Personal Taste Profile™.

I know very little about wine so is The Personal Wine Service right for me?

The service does not discriminate based on a client's wine knowledge, experience or expertise. It is designed for all kinds of wine drinkers at all levels and provides just as much value to wine novices as wine connoisseurs.

Is The Personal Wine Service going to provide me with all my wines?

We know how important it is for our clients to browse the shelves and discover new wines by themselves, to check out what's new in their usual wine store or to buy wine directly at the cellar door. Look at Fitting Wines not as a sole provider of your wine, but as means of upgrading a portion of the wines you are already buying it's up to you to decide how big to make that portion.

How do I know that Fitting Wines offer is not just selecting the wines it wants to sell?

Fitting Wines is a wine service provider and not a conventional wine retailer. We do not carry any stock of wines, which means we are free to select wines of the world from a wide range of suppliers on the basis that the wines fit with each client's Personal Taste Profile™.

Can I try The Personal Wine Service by Fitting Wines before deciding whether to subscribe?

Yes. Fitting Wines encourages new clients to try the service and experience the benefits for themselves with its Trial Offer. Your first selection of wines is offered FREE of any service fee and delivery charge. You just have to pay for the wines.

Is there a price mark-up on the wines provided by Fitting Wines?

We do our very best to supply you with wines at the lowest prices available in Switzerland. If you discover a lower price for the same wine in the same quantity in Switzerland we guarantee that we will match that price.

Why does Fitting Wines charge a fee for its services?

We aim to add value by creating a better and more personalized wine experience for each client. Our business model is not the same as a conventional wine retailer. As we do not set out to make money on the wines themselves the viability of our business is based on a modest service fee that varies according to each service and your requirements.

Does Fitting Wines organise private wine tastings?

Yes. We offer a Private Wine Events service. For more information please visit xxx.

Is it possible to buy a gift of products or services from Fitting Wines?

Yes. There is a Gift Service available online where you can purchase Gift Vouchers redeemable on wines, spirits and any of our personalised wine services. For more information please visit xxx.

Is it easy to stop a service from Fitting Wines if I have to leave Switzerland for good?

We fully understand that people in the international community can never be sure how long they will be living and working in Switzerland. Therefore we make it as easy as possible to cancel any of our services, especially The Personal Wine Service, so that you are not out of pocket.

What do I do if I receive a corked bottle of wine?

If a wine is corked or faulty we will offer a replacement or credit. If a wine has been kept too long or stored inappropriately, we may not be able to offer a refund. If you believe a wine to be faulty please e-mail us at [email protected]

Can Fitting Wines help me to find a particular wine that I like or one that I particularly enjoyed in a restaurant?

We offer a Wine Finder Service whereby we can check the availability of any wine. If we can procure the wine(s) you are seeking we give you an estimate of the cost per bottle. We charge a modest fee per wine (regardless of quantity) for the Wine Finder Service.

Can Fitting Wines help me to organize a wine-themed event at my company?

Yes. We run wine-themed events for companies, institutions and groups of all sizes, each one designed specially to meet your objectives and your budget. We can tie in the Wine Functions Service with all kinds of events such as team-building events, offsite meetings, regional conferences, success celebrations and end-of-year parties.

How often does Fitting Wines organize wine tastings?

Our tasting events take place more or less once per month throughout the year.

How can I find out about future wine tasting events by Fitting Wines?

Please check our upcoming events on this website: xxx. To be kept informed about Fitting Wines tasting events please send your e-mail address to [email protected] and we will add you to our mailing list.

Where do the wine tasting events take place?

Currently our events in Lausanne take place in La Voûte at the Angleterre & Résidence in Ouchy and in Geneva at a private vaulted wine cellar on the edge of the Old Town.

Am I obliged to buy any wines if I attend a Fitting Wines tasting event?

No. However, all of the wines shown at each tasting event are available for purchase from Fitting Wines. Delivery is arranged approximately 2-3 weeks after the event.

Can I get a refund if I cancel tickets that I bought for a wine tasting event by Fitting Wines?

In the event that Fitting Wines cancels a wine tasting event at any time a full refund will be paid. In the event that you cancel tickets a full refund will only be given if we are notified at least 7 days before the date of the event. Refunds will only be given after this time if we are able to re-sell your ticket(s). You also have the option of receiving a credit in the same value as your ticket(s) towards a future Fitting Wines

Can I listen to the weekly radio show on WRS whenever I like?

Yes. The podcast of the most recent show is available by clicking on 'Listen' on the Home Page. You can download for FREE any of the previous podcasts by visiting the FW Media page of our website.

How can I receive any of the wine articles published by Fitting Wines?

You can either download for FREE any of the previous articles published in various magazines and newspapers in Switzerland and / or send us your e-mail address so we can keep you updated on future articles by Fitting Wines.

How do I pay for goods and services from Fitting Wines?

Online Shop orders for wines, spirits and gift vouchers are payable in advance by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. Tickets for public tasting events are also payable in advance by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. Fitting Wines issues invoices for its other services, which must be settled within 10 days. Payment within 30 days can be agreed upon for B2B clients.

Where does Fitting Wines deliver?

We deliver to any address in Switzerland. Deliveries are made either via the VinoLog service of La Poste or directly by Fitting Wines. Please e-mail us at [email protected] if you require a delivery to be made in another country.

What happens if any bottles are damaged during delivery?

Fitting Wines will replace without charge any goods damaged during delivery. Following the delivery you should inspect the goods as soon as possible and notify us immediately of breakages or wine shortages. We are unable to guarantee credit or replacements unless we are notified within 14 days of delivery of the order.

Are any discounts available when I buy wines or spirits from Fitting Wines?

Customers who order larger volumes qualify for the following discounts on wines only:

12 or more bottles of the same product: 2% discount

36 or more bottles of the same product: 3% discount

60 or more bottles of the same product: 4% discount

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