About Fitting Wines

Hi, I'm Simon Hardy

I'm originally from the UK and, after ten years operating in Switzerland, am now based full-time in London. I hold the Diploma in Wines & Spirits from the WSET, the world’s leading training body for the wine industry based here.

Fitting Wines is a new kind of wine business that I started in 2010. At Fitting Wines I help adventurous, yet overwhelmed wine lovers unlock the door to a world of wine discovery by offering a range of personalised services that help them

  • avoid the stress of trying to understand the bewildering choice of wines on the market and deciding which ones are right for their tastes

  • spend little or no time having to search through publications online or offline to find out which wines are recommended and where to buy them

  • save on money and on disappointment as a result of choosing wines that were neither worth the price, nor right for their tastes - or both

The key is the unique 'Personal Wine Profile'℠, exclusive to Fitting Wines, and I go to great lengths to match the right wines to each individual's tastes.

In essence, I help them discover new and exciting wines of the world and put the pleasure back into their wine experience by  putting their tastes, preferences and needs first and  sharing my passion and knowledge about wine in every way possible.

Our Team