Enjoy great wine without having to choose

At Fitting Wines we profile your tastes first and then track down delicious wines of the world that are just right for you

Drink well without the hassle

Buying wine has never been easier. But choosing the right wine has never been harder.

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We understand it's difficult for you to know which are the right wines to choose. The number of different regions, grape varieties and producers can be simply overwhelming.

Let us make sense of your individual tastes and preferences before taking you on a tailor-made journey into the world of wine - without you having to leave home. 

Your Personal Wine Profile℠ is as unique as you are. Everyone's tastes are different so we just need to ask a few questions to help us find the wines that suit you best.

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Discover your unique profile

The first step towards transforming your experience of wine is for Fitting Wines to create your very own Personal Wine Profile℠.

A short online questionnaire helps us make sense of what you like (and dislike) in wine – which grape varieties, which countries and regions, which types of wine.  It takes less than five minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Your finished profile is ready within days and provides a unique snapshot of your personal tastes and preferences along with extensive recommendations of wines that fit your tastes.